Team Tour #1 Week 3

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Team Tour #1 Week 3 Empty Team Tour #1 Week 3

Post by Recep on Tue Feb 17, 2015 9:14 am

Round 3

Podge's Eyes (2-0)       vs           Cept x Slurmz (2-0)

Doctor Ishida            Mono         Slurmz
Sam Crowe                OU           Artz Drago
Guard Darkrai147        UU          Doctor Chomper
Guard DizzyNinja         NU          KGBeast
Co-Director Podge        LC          Guard BobbyV

Crabby Patty (0-2)     vs         Titties On Dong (0-2)

Guard Spider          Mono       WardenTheBeast
Void Bayleef            OU         Asylum Doctor Evil
Chief Sokka            UU         Warden Rock
Director Arcy          NU         Guard Brawl
Guard Arley            LC          Guard Janitor

Deadline: Monday 2/23/15 11:59 PM Est
If I'm not on when the battle happens reply with the replay.


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